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Land Rovers and mechanical engineering have been a passion since childhood. Land Rover ownership started with an ex-mod LHD 90 about 20 years ago and has progressed ever since, getting more and more interested in the history of the early vehicles and how they were produced.

Currently we are restoring a dark blue 1951 Land Rover Series 1 which was in service at the Belgian police force, also known as the Gendarmerie. The passion for historical research about the brand and the locally produced Minerva vehicles, the factory was in Mortsel near Antwerp, led us to a very rare survivor of the Minerva company, the C22 All Terrain vehicle, which was entirely designed in Belgium and build in a handful of examples. This restoration is in progress as well.

A passion for all mechanical fiddly bits and originality of the restorations led us to group our services into the website to offer you the best possible service for your restoration.

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