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Starter, generator and voltage regulator refurbishment

The Lucas starter and generators that were installed in the Land Rover Series vehicles proved to be well build to withstand years of abuse and neglect. However after years of service an overhaul is recommended or repairs need to be made.

Repair service

For a standard repair service of your own starter or generator, you send us the item and we dismantle and carefully examine the device. Parts are replaced where needed and a thorough test is performed on our Femsa test bench before shipping back to you.

If the originality of the unit is not important, we can also offer an exchange service for most parts. You send us the faulty item (clean, complete & repairable) and we send you an already refurbished part which is mostly available of the shelf. This is the quickest option.

Rebuild service

For a thorough restoration we also offer a full rebuild service. The starter or generator is completely dismantled, field coils are removed from the enclosure and carefully examined for bad insulation or damage. If necessary field coils are rewound or replaced with NOS or new parts.

The steel casing is sand blasted and treated to a quality paint finish, aluminium parts are bead blasted for the correct finish. Bolts and pulley are chemically blackened where applicable.

On starters the rubber coupling is always replaced, together with the return spring. New brushes are installed and bushes checked for tolerance. After assembly the starter is fully tested under load on the test bench and checked for excessive play or noise.

On generators generally the front bearing is replaced, together with the brushes. Armatures are checked for faults. After assembly the generator is tested, together with a suitable voltage regulator, on the test bench to check that the correct load and voltage output is available.

At Revised we focus on the originality of the restoration to make sure the ancillaries are rebuild to factory specs, look correct on your restoration and work trouble-free. Fully repainted or with the original patina, you choose.

Vintage Femsa (Bosch) test bench for starters, generators and distributors

The voltage regulator, an often overlooked but crucial part.

The Lucas RB106 or RF95 voltage regulators were installed in many period cars of the 1950’s and work on a mechanical principle, with contacts that open and close to allow the generator to charge and cover fluctuations in revs and voltage.

Unfortunately they tend to give problems caused by soiled contacts, sparking and failure. This can lead to damage to the regulator, generator and under- or over charging the battery. It’s quite likely that the unit breaks down only when you need it most, while driving back home in the dark after that great event !

Cheap copies have been around for many years but the quality doesn’t even match the old units, and several have failed out-of-the box or after only a short while installed in the car.

That’s why at Revised we can offer fully rebuild Lucas RB106 units, but with modern solid-state technology inside. No more dirty contacts, no moving parts, all electronics are housed in an alu enclosure. We use a solid-state solution from a reputable and experienced supplier in the UK who has been making them for years.

Actually the new voltage regulator will be a fit and forget device for sure. The solid state solution has several other benefits, next to reliability. It will optimise the load on the generator and the battery will be strained less with this solution, prolonging battery life.

We can also build in the electronics in your existing old voltage regulator casing, retaining the exact period correct look of this part. Send us your old original unit, we will clean it, refresh the brass contacts and build in the new module. Of course the unit is fully tested before leaving our workshop.

Revised Lucas voltage regulator RB106 solid state upgrade

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