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Restoration of gauges and instruments

We offer a full restoration service for instrument panels.

We can refurbish most gauges such as the Jaeger 80″ speedometer, Jager / Smiths combined clusters (86″ / 107″ & Series 2) and the Smiths fuel gauges and / or senders.

Electrics can also be overhauled such as the Lucas PLC6 ignition switch and we offer Lucas style ammeter replacements, since these cannot be repaired.

Lucas ignition switches

The Lucas PLC6 ignition switch suffers frequently form corroded contacts, rusted springs or broken bakelite knobs. We can offer complete repairs of the ignition switch and have developed our own 100% accurate front decal.

Switches are completely dismantled, contacts cleaned and re-assembled with correct parts, barrels and keys can be replaced. Each switch is tested before sending out and good for a lot more years of service.

After a refurbishment we can add a new decal which is more correct in terms of color and typography than the new replacement Lucas PLC switches that can be bought, so for an accurate restoration a refurbished switch is a good option.

Lucas PLC6 refurbished switches

Jaeger speedometer

The Jaeger speedometer as used on the Land Rover 80″ suffers frequently from solidified grease, damaging the fine internals. We can offer a full refurbishment of your original speedo, including a full dismantling and cleaning, replacement gear when necessary and new glass or bevels. The casing can be bead blasted and re-plated as per original. Re-calibration of the units is possible if necessary.

We have several refurbished speedo’s in stock on an exchange or outright purchase base. Additionally we can deliver brand new units as well.

Land Rover Series 1 Jaeger speedometer dismatled for refurbishment

Jaeger fuel gauge and sender

Jaeger fuel meters, as a standalone unit or as the later combined instruments, can also mostly be refurbished.

If a repair of the unit is no longer possible we can now also offer a new fuel meter and sender kit. The newly fabricated fuel meters by Smiths Instruments are very accurate in appearance but work on another principle than the old units. That’s why when using a new replacement meter, the fuel sender unit in the tank needs to be replaced as well.

Several options are available, rebuilding your old fuel tank sender to work with the new gauge is also an option. Contact us for more information.

Lucas ammeter

Since it has been difficult to find good replacement Lucas style ammeters for the Land Rover 80″ instrument panel, we have decided to create our own.

After sourcing a good base unit, we have re-created the correct faceplate for the Lucas CZ26 ammeter and made sure the exterior is also very similar, using the blue painted exterior for the lighting. The bezel is black, as on the original unit, some later Lucas ammeters that were installed as a replacement did have a chrome bezel.

Each unit is carefully re-assembled and tested before being packed. 

We can offer this Lucas style ammeter in a 20/20 or 30/30 version. The internals are the same, only the faceplate is different. The reading may therefore be a bit off, when using it as a 20/20 meter, since the scale is different.

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