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Carburettor overhaul and restoration

We offer a complete restoration and rebuild service for various carburettors.

At Revised we rebuild your old and tired carburettor to the original factory spec. We focus mainly on Solex and Zenith carbs, but get in touch if you have other brands or specific models that need our attention.

Carburettor restoration process

All carburettors we restore are treated to a multi-step process to ensure they perform as new. All items undergo a detailed inspection to check overall condition and to ensure no parts are missing.

The complete assembly is cleaned externally and dismantled completely. Old gaskets and seals are removed and surfaces cleaned.

The carburettor body is then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, to ensure that all the dirt en residue is removed from the small inner canals in the carburettor body. These are impossible to reach in another way, so this way of cleaning ensures a fresh start.
After a thorough drying cycle the carburettor body and some of the parts are bead blasted to achieve a nice clean surface and remove the last dirt form the parts.

We carry out a complete check of the mating faces and re-surface them to make sure they fit exactly and that there are no (air) leaks.

The throttle spindle housing is re-bushed with a special piloted reamer to ensure perfect alignment and friction free movement of the spindle.

All the dust is thoroughly removed from the parts before a protective finish is applied to the aluminium parts, unless otherwise specified by the client. High gloss aqua blasting is also an option.

Metal parts such as screws, nuts and levers of the carb are sand or bead blasted and zinc coated, as to original specifications. All the jets are checked for correct size and if they conform to the specification for the vehicle. Non-return valves are examined and cleaned.

The carburettors always receive a full new quality gasket set and new membranes -that do not perish when in contact with modern fuels- are fitted.

We are mostly fitting quality gasket sets and repair kits from Burlen Fuel systems, renowned worldwide for their SU, Zenith and Solex products. We also offer these gasket sets separately if you would like to do your own overhaul.

Needles and volume control screw are replaced when deemed necessary. All the ancillaries are installed again and the carburettor receives a basic setup. A verification of the correct operation is done (when applicable) on an actual engine. This ensures correct setup of the mixture, idle speed, acceleration pump and float levels.

The final tuning of the refurbished carburettor needs to take place when installing it on the vehicle.


Complete inspection
External cleaning and de-greasing
Complete dismantling
Ultrasonic cleaning
Media blasting
Re-bushing of the body and verification of spindle & butterfly
Re-planing of all surfaces of the body and parts
Protective finishing & zinc plating of metal parts
Verification of all jets and components
New gaskets, membranes, springs and needles
Assembly & basic setup
Real-life test on an engine / vehicle

Can you restore my carb and what will it cost ?

We offer a repair service, an exchange service and an outright sales service.

If the originality of your vehicle is of major concern, you can send us your old carburettor.
A quote will be returned to you for the repair or complete overhaul according to your wishes.

We can also offer you a refurbished item on an exchange basis. You send us your old unit and when
this is deemed repairable and complete enough we will send you an already refurbished unit.
This ensures a quick turnaround.

As a third option we can offer stock items that are available for sale on a non-exchange base. No need to return your unit.
We have several years/date codes available for Solex 32PBI and PAOI40.

Please feel free to get in touch for any specific needs or requests.

Gasket sets and rebuild kits

If you are planning to rebuild your own carburettor or fuel pump, we can supply you with the correct quality gasket sets.

Currently we offer gasket service and repair kits for Land Rover Series 1 and 2 carburettors, but we can supply quality sets for other brands and models as well.

Revised carburettor restoration service

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