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Wiper Motor overhaul and restoration

Revised offers a rebuild service for your old tired wiper motors.

The Lucas wiper motors that were installed on the Land Rover Series vehicles proved to be a quite reliable piece of kit over the years.

Years of neglect and solidified grease means that most motors were run with very high resistance on the inside, causing the coils to short or burn out after a while. Combined with water ingress due to failed seals a lot of motors are nowadays in a sorry state.

We can refurbish your old wiper motors or supply you reconditioned ones on a non-exchange base. We both offer a “factory-spec finish” or can refurbish your unit with the existing patina.

Wiper motor restoration process

After reception of you old unit we check it for completeness and make an assessment of what’s needed to refurbish it.
The unit is carefully dismantled and all the parts a freed of the solidified grease that builds up in the gearbox after many years. The aluminium casing and the metal gearbox cover, together with the other alu parts are then bead blasted to remove all dirt.

We have put considerable effort in finding the correct paint colour and finish for the FW2 wiper motors, this has been matched to several NOS items to get it right.
The Lucas CWX motors can be finished in the orignal crackle black finish.

All the electrical parts are measured to ensure the field coils are not damaged or shorted and the armature is fine. Armature surfaces are cleaned and wire insulations are replaced where needed, some of the rubber sleeves perish over time.

After careful re-assembly the unit is fully tested to ensure there is no friction in the gearbox, spindle or casing. Since we measure the electrical consumption of each unit and compare these to the orignal specs, we can ensure they are running as smooth as possible without resistance.  Usually power consumption of a CW2 motor is about 1,7A at 12V, but we have already encountered old units that are so dirty that the motor draws 2 to 3 Amps, causing the windings to burn in the long run.

All damaged parts are replaced and the correct new seals are provided.

If necessary we replace the studs and nuts, the insulation rubber to connect the live wire is also replaced when brittle. A new stainless steel wiper park is available or a original steel one which is electroplated for the correct finish.

The wiper motos are again ready for many years or service !

Refurbished Lucas FW2 wiper motors


Complete inspection
Disassembly and de-greasing of all components
Bead blasting of casing & parts
Paint + protective finish
Electric inspection and overhaul of armature and coils
Re-assembly of gearbox with gentle greasing
New gaskets, seals, brushes, spring etc when needed
Careful reassembly of all parts to make sure all tolerances are right
Electric performance test & running in of unit
Lucas FW2 wiper motor topshot dismantled

Can you restore my wiper motors and what will it cost ?

We offer a repair service, an exchange service and an outright sales service.

If the originality of your vehicle is of major concern, you can send us your old motors.
A quote will be returned to you for the repair or complete overhaul according to your wishes.

We can also offer you a refurbished item on an exchange basis. You send us your old unit and when this is deemed repairable and complete enough we will send you an already refurbished unit. This ensures a quick turnaround.

As a third option we can offer stock items that are available for sale on a non-exchange base. No need to return your unit.

Please feel free to get in touch for a quote or any specific needs or requests.

Lucas CWX fitment to windscreen
Lucas CWX wiper motor

DIY and rebuild kits

If you are planning to rebuild your own wiper motors, we can supply you with the correct parts.

Currently we can offer several parts for your DIY project, more to come in the future. Discover them here.

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