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Distributor overhaul and restoration

At Revised we also offer a rebuilding service for vintage distributors.

The Lucas DVX range of distributors were installed to a range of period British vehicles, such as among others the Land Rover Series 1 80″.

They are actually very well made, with a solid aluminium construction and over-dimensioned parts. Build to last in the toughest environments and for a long time. They actually don’t need a lot of maintenance, just the regular dorp of oil and cleaning of the contact points and rotor.

Over the years a lot of them have however been neglected and are in need of a full overhaul.

We can refurbish your old distributor or supply you reconditioned one on a non-exchange base. We both offer a “factory-spec finish” or can refurbish your unit with the existing patina.

Distributor restoration process

After reception of your old unit we check it for completeness and make an assessment of what’s needed to refurbish it.
The unit is carefully dismantled and all the parts are inspected for wear and faults. The aluminium casing is then glass bead-blasted, or can alternatively, for a very smooth and long-lasting bright finish, be aqua-blasted.

If there’s any wear in the bushes or bearings, these are replaced. A lot of units have desintegrated plastic parts on the insdie, such as the insulation bridge for the outside connection. We have reproduced this parts via 3D-printing and this will be changed when necessary, to avoid any short-circuits in the future.

After careful re-assembly the complete unit is checked to make sure all the parts are moving as they should.

The vacuum unit is tested as well on the test-bench and can be replaced with a reconditioned one if necessary.

Each distributor receives a new set of points, a new high quality condenser and a new rotor arm. New distributor caps can also be supplied when necessary.

Calibration on the test-bench

The next step in the restoration process is running the distributor on our vintage Femsa test-bench.

We can test the strength of the sparks & advance curves at different speeds, according to the correct spec for the distributor and engine. A detailed report is made for the advance curves for every distributor.
Dwell angle can be measured as well with the help of another vintage Sun tester, to make sure the unit is running completely within specs. Vacuum advance is also checked while running it on the tester.

After all these tests the distributor should be happy to go for another couple of years !

Revised Lucas DVX distributor restoration and overhaul


Complete inspection
Disassembly and de-greasing of all components
Bead blasting of casing & protective finish
Replacement of bearing and bushes
Re-assembly with new components
Testing of advance curves, vacuum advance and dwell

Can you restore my distributor and what will it cost ?

We offer a repair service, an exchange service and an outright sales service.

If the originality of your vehicle is of major concern, you can send us your old distributor.
A quote will be returned to you for the repair or complete overhaul according to your wishes.

We can also offer you a refurbished item on an exchange basis. You send us your old unit and when this is deemed repairable and complete enough we will send you an already refurbished unit. This ensures a quick turnaround.

As a third option we can offer stock items that are available for sale on a non-exchange base. No need to return your unit.

Please feel free to get in touch for a quote or any specific needs or requests.

Revised Lucas DVX distributor restoration and overhaul
Revised Lucas DVX distributor restoration and overhaul
Revised Lucas DVX distributor restoration and overhaul

DIY and rebuild kits

If you are planning to rebuild your own distributor we can supply you with the correct parts.

Currently we can offer several parts for your DIY project, more to come in the future. Discover them here.

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