Land Rover Chassis Black

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This is a very durable 2-component paint that can be used for the running gear and all components on the Land Rover Series. The DTS paint can be used as a primer and finishing layer at the same time, saving time and costs. Application by brush or spray.
The finish of the paint is gloss, as original on the Land Rover.

Available only in quantity of 1 x 4L.

Suitable for :

  • Chassis
  • Axles
  • Radiator
  • Fuel Tank
  • Various parts such as prop shafts, diffs..



Cryltane DTS 80 is a two pack high gloss acrylic polyurethane paint with a good adhesion on steel, aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel and plastics.
Cryltane DTS 80 can, thanks to the presence of zinc phosphate, be used as primer and finishing coat at the same time. In addition, we obtain thereby a system with good anti-corrosion properties. As finishing coat, Cryltane DTS 80 is outdoor and chemical resistant. The cured paint film is characterized by a good hardness combined with elasticity.

Technical Data

  • Mixing Ratio : 89/11 (in weight) 6/1 (in volume)
  • Mixing errors result in deviating properties and differences in gloss. Therefore we advise to mix the complete contents of base paint and hardener.
  • Potlife : ± 5 hours
  • Indicative drying times
    • 20°C Dustdry : 45min
    • 20°C Tackfree : 5 hours
    • 20°C Dry : 16 hours
  • Theoretical yield
    • 9,8m2/l for 60 micron
    • 6 m2/l for 100 micron

Surface Preparation

An appropriate surface preparation is essential to obtain an optimal adhesion and good protection. Each type of surface requires an appropriate preparation.
The surface must be free of all grease, oil, water, dust or other impurities that hamper a good adhesion. Old epoxy or polyurethane surfaces must be roughened up with sandpaper or by light blast sweeping. In order to avoid problems of interlayer adherence, it is recommended to apply the following coat within 3 days. If this isn’t possible, the previous coat has to be roughened up and cleaned before being painted. For aluminium surfaces: preparation by sanding with scotch brite.

Use / Application

  • Brush application : 0-5% dilution with Thinner 1
  • Pneumatic spray gun : 15-20% dilution with Solvatane (3-5 bar)


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