Lucas RB106 Solid State Regulator


We offer a modern solution for the Lucas RB106 voltage regulator.
The old RB106 can be replaced with this new solid state version. This offers a very stable and worry free solution for the failing voltage regulators.
Benefits are more stable running voltage, increased battery life and less wear on the generator.

No more adjustments to make on the contacts, no more sticking points and no more overcharging of your battery.

This unit is matched for the Lucas PV39 or C40 20A generator.

If you would prefer to keep your original casing and lid for the originality of your vehicle, we can offer a rebuild service as well. We remove the internals of your old unit and replace it with the new solids state electronics. Please contact us if you would like this service.

Important ! Select the correct version for your vehicle, verify if you have a positive or negative earth system.

Original Part number 235553

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