Wiper arm assembly complete


Complete period correct wiper arm and 9″ blade with eye and rubber peg fitting type.

This stainless steel wiper arm is compatible with differente sizes of wiper motor spindles due to an adjustable collet.
It’s compatible for example with the Lucas FW2 and CWX wiper motors as used on, among others vehicles, the Land Rover Series 1.

To obtain a firm fit on the early wiper motors with a small spindle, an extra small tube is needed to crimp on the spindle. A small piece of braketube is ideal for this. If you need this small bit as well, please mention it in your order noters and we’ll add it to the shipment.

The kit includes :
– 1 stainless steel wiper arm for collet fixing to wiper motor arm (arm length 22,9cm)
– 1 9″ stainless steel wiper blade (length 22,8cm ) for peg and eye fixing
– 1 rubber peg to fix blade to arm

Original Part numbers for Land Rover 261503, 261504

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