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Well that’s going to be another nice 1949 Land Rover Series 1 restored !

For this car we received a lot of really worn out and broken parts, the car obviously had a hard life. It was probably also standing outside in the rain for a long time because a lot of the parts were badly rusted, also on the inside.

We restored the Solex 32PBI carburettor to the correct specs for the 1600 engine.
The Lucas DVXH4A distributor was completely dismantled and received a new cam, since this was badly pitted due to rust. Fully overhauled and tested on our test bench the work was completed with a new reproduction cap.
We rebuild the original 1949 voltage regulator to a solid state version, retaining the original casing. No more issues with sparking or faulty contacts like on the old regulator.
A fully rebuild PLC ignition switch with the correct decal (and original key!) and the original Lucas CWX complete this project.
Still to do are the 20/20 ammeter and a new speedo face.
Looking forward to the restored car !
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