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Last week we completed the overhaul of these 2 SU LCS Fuel pumps for a 1937 Alvis.
As with a lot of these old pumps they had become quite unreliable and needed often tapping to get them working again. Since they are actually very well build it’s always a good idea to get them rebuild, instead of buying a new one.
We dismantled them completely, checked the coil, bead blasted the casing and re-painted the housing. The restoration was completed with the very complete rebuild kit by Burlen Fuel systems.
After re-assembly the pumps were throughly tested for correct pressure and flow rate, so they are ready to go again !
Especially on pre-war cars, I think it makes sense to rebuild these old pumps, the appearance of a good restored old pump is still a bit more pleasant than a new unit, that always stands out a bit with the shiny aluminium. But that’s maybe just a matter of taste ..
Do yu have any old SU fuel pumps that need to be rebuild ? Get in touch so we can make you a detailed offer.
Happy motoring !

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