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A very special carburettor in the workshop.
We received from a client a Zenith 42IV carburettor that was installed on a 6 cyl 3L Rover engine with a Weslake head. It was installed in a 1967 Forward Control S2B which is believed to be an experimental vehicle.
Normally the 3L engines, which were also used in the Rover P5, were equipped with a SU carb, but not this one.
This Zenith 42IV is a very rare carb and looks like the big brother of the well known 36IV, maybe only build in a handful of units to see if it would be coping with the 3L engine.
If you have ever encountered a Zenith 42IV carb please let us know !
This carburettor will be fully restored and soon back to it’s owner..

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