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Brown Lucas FW2 wiper motors ?
Well this one was a bit special. Normally the Lucas FW2 wiper motors installed in the Land Rover Series 1 and 2 are always painted silver, but there’s at least 1 exception !
This pair was painted a dark maroon colour called Royal Claret to match the rest of the vehicle, in this case the 1953 86″ Royal Review Land Rover known as State IV. It was used extensively on a 6 month tour with Queen Elizabeth and Price Philip shortly after the coronation. The tour took them through New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Yemen and Africa.
If you happen to own one of the Roal Review cars we’ll happily restore your wiper motors to this colour, for all the others we’ll stick to our own matched silver paint 😀
Do you have a sad looking and tired old wiper motor ? Get in touch so we can give it a second life !

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