Jaeger Smiths Odometer replacement gear


On the Smiths / British Jaeger odometers and speedometers the failure of the gear is a common problem, mostly due to solidified grease on the spindle or deterioration of the plastic material.

We offer a replacement gear to do a DIY reparation of your gauge. They are compatible with most Smiths and Jaeger instruments used on Land Rovers.

These gears have been made by a worldwide leading supplier and are made of a special thermoplastic with added graphite.
Since these gears are produced by injection moulding, instead of 3D printing, the geometry of the teeth is respected in this way to ensure smooth operation.

This gear exists in 3 variations, depending on the model of the odometer and configuration (miles / km). To ensure you order the correct gear, make sure you count the number of teeth on your damaged piece.
We supply only the plastic gear, the spindle needs to be recuperated from your own odometer. Installation is easy, remove the damaged gear and firmly press the new gear onto the spindle.

Spindle hole diameter : 5mm
Gear diameter : 11mm
Gear thickness : 3,8mm


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