Land Rover RAF Blue

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This is a very durable 2-component paint that can be used for the chassis and bodywork on the Land Rover Series.

RAF blue was the standard color for most Royal Air Force vehicles, including the Land Rover Series 1.

Application by spraying for optimal finish, a version that can be applied by brush or roller is also available.
The gloss finish of the paint is defined by the mixing ratio of base and hardener, we recommend 4/1 to achieve a similar to original look on the bodywork.

For required quantities consult the Paint overview page.

Suitable for :

  • Chassis
  • Bodywork
  • Rims
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Mixtane  is a two-pack fast drying acrylic polyurethane lacquer with high- quality properties that can be applied by spray (Mixtane Spray) or brush & roller (Mixtane Roller).

  • good UV resistance
  • gloss stability
  • high thermal stability
  • good chemical resistance
  • elasticity and good abrasion resistance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • good adhesion on different surfaces when correct pre-treated
  • fast drying

Technical Data

  • Mixing Ratio for high satin gloss : 4/1 in weight. Consult the datasheet for more info.
  • Mixing errors result in deviating properties and differences in gloss. Therefore we advise to mix the complete contents of base paint and hardener.
  • Potlife : ± 8 hours
  • Indicative drying times
    • 20°C Dustdry : 20min
    • 20°C Tackfree : 5 hours
    • 20°C Dry : 15 hours
  • Theoretical yield
    • 6 to 8m2/kg (50-60 micron thickness, depending on paint color)

Surface Preparation

An appropriate surface preparation is essential to obtain an optimal adhesion and good protection. We recommend Cryltane DTS-20 as a primer for this paint.

Use / Application

  • Pneumatic spray gun : dilution with Solvatane
  • Roller or brush : the product is ready for application and doesn’t need to be diluted


Land Rover RAF Blue color on 107"