Land Rover Hardtop Cream

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This is a very durable 2-component paint that can be used for the bodywork on the Land Rover Series. This color has been matched on several vehicles and is a 99% match.

Hardtop cream was used mainly on the S1 vehicles.

Application by spraying for optimal finish, a version that can be applied by brush or roller is also available.
The gloss finish of the paint is defined by the mixing ratio of base and hardener, we recommend 4/1 to achieve a similar to original look on the bodywork.

For required quantities consult the Paint overview page.

Suitable for :

  • Bodywork
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Mixtane  is a two-pack fast drying acrylic polyurethane lacquer with high- quality properties that can be applied by spray (Mixtane Spray) or brush & roller (Mixtane Roller).

  • good UV resistance
  • gloss stability
  • high thermal stability
  • good chemical resistance
  • elasticity and good abrasion resistance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • good adhesion on different surfaces when correct pre-treated
  • fast drying

Technical Data

  • Mixing Ratio for high satin gloss : 4/1 in weight. Consult the datasheet for more info.
  • Mixing errors result in deviating properties and differences in gloss. Therefore we advise to mix the complete contents of base paint and hardener.
  • Potlife : ± 8 hours
  • Indicative drying times
    • 20°C Dustdry : 20min
    • 20°C Tackfree : 5 hours
    • 20°C Dry : 15 hours
  • Theoretical yield
    • 6 to 8m2/kg (50-60 micron thickness, depending on paint color)

Surface Preparation

An appropriate surface preparation is essential to obtain an optimal adhesion and good protection. We recommend Cryltane DTS-20 as a primer for this paint.

Use / Application

  • Pneumatic spray gun : dilution with Solvatane
  • Roller or brush : the product is ready for application and doesn’t need to be diluted


Land Rover Hardtop cream color