Fuel gauge British Jaeger (kit)


Excellent OEM reproduction of the original British Jaeger petrol gauge as used on the 80″ Land Rover.

This is a kit with a new 52mm petrol gauge manufactured by the original supplier.

This petrol gauge, as most Smiths instruments, works on 10V, so an extra voltage stabiliser (12>10V) is included with this gauge and must be connected in the live feed.
Check if you need a positive or negative earth version, depending on your setup, of the stabiliser and select the correct version.

Since this gauge works with a bi-metal instead of resistance a new fuel sender is also required for this gauge to work, this is also included in this set.

Included with this product :

> 52mm Smiths Petrol Gauge with fixing clamp and screw
> voltage stabiliser 12-10V & cabling
> fuel sender + seal
> fitting instructions and schematics

We can also rebuild your original old Smiths Petrol gauge if this is broken, or repair original fuel senders. Get in touch to discuss the details.

Land Rover part 217630

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