Voltage stabilizer for Smiths / Jaeger instruments


New gauges introduced by Smiths in the 1960s were based on bimetallic heating elements, the needles of the fuel or temperature gauge drift up off the lowest reading slowly when the ignition is turned on.
These new gauges required the addition of a voltage stabilizer. The original Smiths voltage stabiliser is a mechanical device that reduces battery voltage to a steady 10 volts; however, over time they fail for a variety of reasons. This is a replacement voltage stabiliser that combines modern electronics inside a vintage style housing.

The housing can easily be installed at the back of the instrument on the existing clamp and bolt.
Suitable for Land Rover Series 2 and 3 or when installing new Smiths gauges such as the fuel sender for the Land Rover Series 1 80″.

Instructions included including a gauge troubleshooting section.

A correct earth connection is essential for the functioning of the voltage stabiliser, please select the correct model for your vehicle, POS or NEG earth.

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