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High quality paints for Land Rover restorations with accurate colour matching.

Nothing catches the eye more than the paintwork on that recently finished restoration.

Even if all the mechanical parts are done in great detail, the paintwork on a vehicle is always the icing on the cake.
That’s why at Revised we can offer you high quality paint solutions for all restorations. Especially for older Land Rover Series, it was difficult to get the exact colour match for the factory paint.
We can offer you several period correct colours, that have been validated and are used by some of the most experienced Land Rover restorers.

Colour matching

For each colour several matches have been made with areas on panels that were not exposed to light and usage on these vehicles. A careful color match has been made on several vehicles to get an accurate representation of the original colour.
Of course colours and especially the perception of these is a subjective matter, but we believe that our paints are the closest match to the original paint color and finish as possible.


For the bodywork on the Land Rover Series vehicles we recommend the Libert Mixtane 2K-paint solution. This is a 2-component high-end acrylic polyurethane lacquer that needs to be applied on a surface prepared with a primer such as DTS-20. This paint is known for its durability, gloss stability, good UV resistance and corrosion resistance. The gloss grade can be defined by changing the mixing ration between base and hardener.
For Land Rover Series bodywork we recommend a mixing ration of 4/1.

Chassis – axles – engine paint

The Libert Cryltane DTS paint is a 2-component direct-to-substrate solution, so primer and finishing coat at the same time, saving time and cost. This paint can be applied wet-on-wet, the second layer can already be applied after 20 minutes.
Several gloss options are available in the DTS system, but for components such as chassis, axles and engine we recommend the DTS-40 low-satin finish.

This paint can be applied with a brush, roller or can be sprayed. Make sure you order the correct thinner for your application (spray = Solvatane, brush = thinner 1).

Great care has been made to ensure that the correct engine colours are now also available for your vehicle. Consult the overview to find the right match for you.

Modern paint system

We only offer the highest quality of paint made by Libert in Belgium. This family business has been fabricating paint in the area of Ghent since 1874 and have continuously improved their products. Paint colours are analysed in the factory with modern techniques and these colours are then stored in our database.

Libert paints are used worldwide in the automotive and industrial markets and are well known for their durability and ease of application.

If you want special colours to be made on the base of an original part, this is also possible, contact us for more details.

Libert factory 1958 Ghent (c) Libert

Discover our range of colours for Land Rover Series vehicles.

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